Published on February 19, 2016


This is a fun icebreaker that today’s leadership trainees really enjoyed.   All that is needed is a paper plate, a felt tipped pen and a calendar tab if you want to turn it into a calendar.  Everyone that I have tried it with has enjoyed the activity and found it creates a relaxed intro to a training session.

Hand out a marker pen and a paper plate (make sure they aren’t the shiny ones as they might not work with the felt pens). 

Ask the question – If you were an animal at work, what type of animal would replicate your work behaviour, approaches to tasks and relationship with others.   Time to complete the task – 10 minutes.

Once the task is completed, go round the room asking everyone to show the others their drawing and explain why they think they are like this animal.

As an energiser a few hours later, ask the trainees to write down everyone's names and remember which animal they were.  The winner is the first person to complete the task correctly.  A small reward eg bag of sweets for the winner.

If you want to turn it into a calendar and marketing tool.  Staple a calendar tab on to the bottom of the paper plate.  Cut a business card or headed paper to get your logo or any symbol that represents your business and glue it on to the paper plate. 

Hand it out at the close of the training session for a light end to your event.

I have many more ice breaker suggestions.  Leave a message on fb or email me at if you are interested in these.

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