MidasWorks 2017-18 Training Programme

Published on June 30, 2017

MidasWorks 2017-18 Training Programme

At this time of the year Dawn and I take some “time out” to reflect on MidasWorks progress and plan the programme for the forthcoming year.  Many staff take well deserved holidays and training is, therefore, not quite such a high priority for organisations which makes it a good time for the “behind the scenes” work to take place. 

We have added in some new courses to the programme this year but we have kept in our “best seller” Introduction to Leadership.  Feedback on this course is always excellent and delegates who attend find the content extremely relevant.  Content is based loosely around motivating your team, delegation, leadership skills and dealing with difficult situations but this can be changed on meeting the delegates and finding out topics that are more important to them.  The course is suitable for anyone looking to develop their leadership skills or for those already in a promoted position who are keen to revisit key leadership topics. 

50% of the courses we deliver are not in the programme as they are bespoke courses written to meet the organisation's needs.  If the course you are looking for isn't here, please drop us an email at info@midasworks.co.uk and we will get back to you right away.

Many thanks

MidasWorks Training Progamme .pdf

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