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Published on October 17, 2017

 Mina’s 12 Tips for Creating the Perfect CV

Part of my role as Course Leader/Head of Department for the Business Team at Angus College was supporting students in the design and review of CVs.  To compliment that, I regularly contributed to the creation of Job Descriptions and Personnel Specifications and participated in mock (and real!) interviews so, over the years, gained a vast amount of experience in the whole recruitment and selection process. 

A few months back I was asked by someone to give advice on how to improve their CV, something I was more than happy to do ….. especially when someone’s dream of getting a position became a reality!  Word of mouth has resulted in more and more enquiries and, over the past few months, I have been contacted by many “job hunters” and asked to carry out CV reviews/offer advice on CV writing. 

Giving support to people to reach their potential works hand in hand with the coaching work that I do as Training Director of Midas Works.  If you would like me to review and advise on your CV then I am more than happy to offer this as a free service.   A small fee is charged if I am asked for design/redesign of a CV.  For further information contact me on mina@midasworks.co.uk.


I thought it would be useful to share some of my CV writing tips with you …


  1.  The first thing that I say is do not use an online CV Template.  To me they lack the commitment needed in job hunting and are a lazy option.
  2. Design – Watch the use of fonts and colours.  It may look attractive to you but the reader but may think that your design is just a hotch potch!  Ask friends to look at your design.  Do they like it?
  3. Layout – Keep it simple.  Careful use of tables will ensure minimised wasted space but be consistent with bullet points, shaded headings etc.
  4. Be brief – General advice is 2 pages maximum.  If it is running over that then I would question the standard of your content.
  5. Content – It isn’t enough to empty your head and put it all down on the CV.  CV writing requires careful consideration.  Every bit of detail should add something to the CV and repetition should be minimised. 
  6. “It’s All About You” – it is difficult but try to get your personality across.  Is it in your hobbies?  Is it in your Personal Profile?
  7. The Creative CV – there is a balance between being creative in the layout etc and over the top!  Don’t send your CV in the form of a jigsaw or paper aeroplane.  It may seem like a demonstration of your creative side but it might be a big mistake!
  8. Don’t Plagiarise – someone writes a really interesting Profile Section and you think – yip that is me!  Not it’s not.  Write your own.  You could write down key words - friendly, motivated, inspiring but don’t then convert them into one sentence. 
  9. Check Your Spelling – you don’t want to submit with spalling mistooks!
  10. Don’t Lie – if you haven’t done it then don’t say you have.  If you get to an interview and are asked to explain further then it won’t auger well for you if you have made it up!
  11. Don’t send photocopies.  Make sure each CV you submit is an original
  12. Change your CV depending on the job you are applying for.  Too many times, people think that once they have designed a CV that that is it.  No – you need to read the job description.  What is it that is being looked for?  If it is a skill you have then make sure this is emphasised in your CV.


I hope that you find the above tips of interest.  If I can be of any further help, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mina Welsh

Training Director



07786 236211


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