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Published on September 8, 2016

Gee – Never did we realise when we started up MidasWorks how much of a learning curve we would go on in getting  to grips with social media.  Spinning plates scenario comes to mind and, I have to admit, I have dropped a few! 

In October 2015, excited at the launch of MidasWorks, we joined twitter and instagram and set up business pages in facebook and linkedin.   And for the first few months, we were swept along with the thrills of self employment.  It was exciting to monitor the number of likes on facebook and how many contacts we could build on linked in.  We followed other companies on Instagram and dipped in and out of google analytics to see how many people were looking at our website. 

But, as many of you will know, it is very difficult to sustain the level of momentum required to continually post items of interest and what happens when the wheels fall off the bus?  What happens when you go on holiday or you enter a busy time with the “real” part of your business and no posts are made?  What happens when the website contains out of date information and you realise that this was not your goal when you launched the business all bright eyed and bushy tailed.   A post on a social media site may only be a 2 minute job but you have to be careful that you don’t make some stupid post that can seriously impact on the professionalism of your business.  You can use software that can make the same post to twitter, Instagram and facebook all at the same time eg Hootsuite but when you doubt that your post is good enough for one fraction of social media, you certainly don’t want to put it out there en masse! 

If you do find yourself in this position, my advice is to just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get yourself back on that social media bus!  Carry on where you left off.  The chances are that not many people will have noticed a dip in your postings.  So, I apologise for not having posted a blog for months.  Yes, I have had lots of ideas which burst into my head but, unfortunately, frizzled up without being further developed into creative posts and, therefore, didn’t make the blog page! 

I won’t make any promises that you will now read a weekly blog filled with exciting news from MidasWorks but, as we approach our first birthday, I have a renewed enthusiasm to get back on it and I am looking forward to communicating with you all again very soon. 

Thanks for reading my wee post on the trials and tribulations of social media.  Ach and because I got carried away writing my blog, I have realised that I have forgotten to make something for my grandsons’ post school snack and didn’t notice that the rain has come on and the washing is soaked.  Perhaps my multi tasking skills are slipping but the good thing is that I have managed to write this blog and that, for me, was the priority this afternoon.

Welcome back!


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