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Published on March 17, 2016

WEBINAR - 16 March 2016

5 Shortcuts to Faster, Easier Visual Content Creation

Donna Moritz  Socially Sorted  Australia

Since venturing into self employment, I have watched many videos, participated in many webinars and enrolled on various courses about marketing and social media.  I signed up for this one yesterday and was found it so interesting I wanted to share the content with you. 

The webinar was hosted by Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted Australia and was entitled:

5 Shortcuts to Faster, Easier Visual Content Creation

The following has been typed up from my notes so there may be errors and ommissions.  They are not intentional and I do not take any responsibility if any of the links to sites don’t work due to me not deciphering my scribbles correctly!

The webinar focussed on how to make faster, quicker, visual content creation for social media.  In the webinar Donna focussed on a range of tools to help prepare social media posts.  There was loads of great content and the webinar was fast moving.  I am not sure if there is a recording anywhere but Donna’s website is also worth checking out. 

During the webinar, I asked about costs of the following tools and Donna advised that some have a minimal monthly cost and others are free.  She suggested that you use one or two and, if they do what you want them to do, then stick with them.  Some are free and others offer a free monthly trial.

I am about to facilitate a Business Social Media Group in Montrose and hope to look at some of the following websites/apps over the coming months.  And finally, there will be many of you who are far more experienced than I at making social media content.  If you want to share any tips with me, I am more than happy to pass on your tips to others.

Thanks for reading my blogpost



  • Focus on preparing posts for one platform eg facebook, linked in etc and post to that platform until you are happy with your uploads. 
  • Continue to post to others using the same content if it is suitable.  Different platforms do different things eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest (don’t forget about Pinterest – one of the fastest growing sites), etc
  • Be consistent
  • Think about the time you are spending on preparing the contetn.  You may be making the best ever content but if it is taking you all day to do that then ask yourself if you are getting sufficient return to make it worthwhile?



CANVA (I used this to make facebook header that fitted!)





Over *** - nice fonts/pictures/good layering – FREE

VIDEO – Donna advised that video is definitely worth considering (get it google+ and itunes) – scrolling text

Picplaypost – for video & pictures. 

15 seconds to 2 minutes max

Huge reach on facebook

Easy to create.

Advice – 15 seconds video on Instagram, 1-2minutes video on facebook, snapchat vids into “stories”, Periscope live stream, facebook live also worth exploring, can also put up videos on linkedin, pinterest and twitter.

21 Periscope tips for winning broadcasts.


Certain tasks for your business may need a designer.  You could consider using FIVERR for small jobs.  FIVERR is a website containing a plethora of IT whizzes offering to do tasks for a small amount of money.  I was liaising with someone to make up a form for our website.  I think, in the end, our web designer did it but the service was very good. 

When working with a designer ask for .png files with transparent backgrounds.  You can then use these to create a variety of artwork.

ONLINE TUTORIALS: - worthwhile undertaking one or two tutorials - – online tutorial on post design.

Instagram. Wordswag, canva, studio– have a look to see what others are posting.  Take tips from them.

Picmonkey blogs & Canva blogs– useful info for learning and sharing.


Don’t try to do everything at once

Create a series of images at once.  Batch your planning and batch your sharing

Don’t get too fancy

Add post content here.

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