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Published on November 22, 2015

Hi all – well this is a first for me – writing a blog!!  And right away I am going to go against everything I have been studying as part of my content marketing course.  ……”Information on your blog and website should be focussed on the needs of the customer!!”  So this message doesn’t exactly focus on customer needs but, to be me, it contains a very important message –  never forget to show your appreciation!  So please allow me on this, my debut blog writing experience, to take this opportunity to convey our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped us get MidasWorks up and running!!   Special shout has to go out to Daniel Waghorn for responding to our many requests and developing our MidasWorks website and to Seonaid Ross for sharing her graphic design expertise and business advice, to Julie Christie Photography who produced excellent photoshots and to the many many others who have advised, listened and listened, advised and listened – a huge thanks.

But I do have a message to everyone out there -  No matter how precious your time is and irrespective of your role in the workplace,  the one key priority for happy and successful leadership, is to always say thank you and appreciate the people around you.  You can’t get to the top on your own!!

Training is a journey.  Come and journey with us.

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