Why Microlearning

Published on January 20, 2016

Some of you might be wondering why we chose 23 x 1 hour micro learning bytes as our next MidasWorks Promotion.  There are many advantages and disadvantages of microlearning so what are they?  Read more ……

First of all -  what is microlearning?  Microlearning can be the undertaking of an episode of small and informal self directed learning eg watching a Ted Talk or a Microsoft tuition video on youtube.  Microlearning can also be a planned brief learning experience participation in which will meet a personal goal.  Irrespective of whether it is a self directed piece of learning or engaging with others there are still some key characteristics of microlearning:

  • Microlearning events will be short (although no defined duration)
  • Due to the restricted time available, the content will be a narrowed topic, concept or idea.
  • Format can be varied – it can be a presentation, activity, game, video, quiz, book chapter or any other format where learning takes place. 

Advantages of MicroLearning:

  • Immediate results eg mail merge for Xmas card labels.  Watch youtube video.  Complete the task.
  • Diverse formats.  Opportunities for a very blended approach
  • Budget friendly.  Watching something online will probably be free.  Some of the MidasWorks Motiv8ors are free.  Others are £30.
  • Quick achievements.  We can typically process around four bits of information at any one time.  It is therefore easier for a learner to achieve success from a short learning intervention.
  • Fast paced culture.  Busy workers appreciate microlearning as a day of training or even a couple of hours can be disruptive. 

However, there are also some disadvantages:

Lack of research.  There is insufficient research to know whether microlearning is an effective strategy for reaching long term goals.

Fragmented learning.  For long term goals, microlearning interventions could end up as content fragments that are not tied together.

Potential for confusion.  If a microlearning solution includes a wide variety of formats, some learners could have problems switching between them. 

Many of the disadvantages can be fixed by sound instructional design practices, such as providing overviews and ensuring there is sufficient content integration.

We have 23 x 1 hour Microlearning Bytes. 


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